Wyoming Moments from the past...

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For June, 2002

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A Wyoming Moment
Wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Springtime in Wyomin!!!

Wyoming is the best place on Earth!

Have a REALLY nice day!

For May 30, 2001

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A Wyoming Moment
May Day in the People's Republic of Wyoming

The roads are closed! No problem! Because, in the words of Wyoming Business Alliance director, Bill Schilling, "You don't pay high taxes, so what are you complaining about?"

Take note, you California billionaires! Declare "Wyoming residency" with a $20 million vacation home in Jackson Hole! NO STATE INCOME TAXES!

The savings will pay for your mortgage! Hope the roads are open... so YOUR maid and restaurant busboy and garbage man can get to work...from their trailer park homes, 70 miles away where they can afford to live...cause people like you "Reside in Wyoming."

For April 23, 2000

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A Wyoming Moment
April Fools!!!
And you thought "Springtime in the Rockies" meant birds and flowers?
Sure it does! They're around (or under) this snowpack!
You must remember, Wyoming is poised on top of the toughest slab of precambrian granite in North America! This miles-thick slab of rock "floats" on top of the Earth's molten magma (which couldn't break it down and fracture it-- as has happened in Colorado and Montana, where valleys have collapsed between slabs of the underlying "creton". All across Wyoming, the tough slab floats... forcing the landscape to be higher and flatter than the scenic (lower elevations). Colorado may be "cool". Wyoming is C-O-L-D and windy, sitting 2,000 feet higher in the prevailing jet streams.
Only an April Fool puts his snow shovel away before May!

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A Wyoming Moment
A February 2000, a fantasy...
Wyoming 487, South of Casper, deep in the Shirley Basin... half way to Medicine Bow...
No deer or antelope or anyone else (esp that famous WHP officer from the Bow)

British green Aston Martin DB-7...6.0 litre, V-12
Sixth gear...5000 rpm... z-rated Pirelli tires. You do the math!
Hand-stiched Connolly leathers, hand-inlaid walnut burl dash...
Santana's rosewood Fender Stratocaster, screaming for mercy on the CD!
Flying below radar...Wyoming license plate: 5-ICBM

And on October 13, 1999
Hay stacks, south of Casper
South of Casper... on the way to Medicine Bow...
The harmony of man and nature

For August 27, 1999

Bondurant, Wyoming
As seen one day in late August, just before noon...
This pond, fed by an underground spring, empties into the Hoback River, west of Bondurant
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