John Guthrie resume

Laser Radio...

Since 1973, producing award-winning, innovative communication theory and products:
For entertainment, corporate and government clients and consumers, worldwide.

1974: Houston International Film Awards; First Place for Short Subjects.

1974-1976: On-location travel documentary film production, worldwide. (esp ex Soviet Union, for Sundowner Travel of London, 1976).

1976-1979: University of Southern California
Schools of Cinema and Broadcast Journalism.

1977: The "Laser Radio" research thesis is written:
As one of the first, inter-university, experimental honors-studies programs, undertaken between USC and UCLA.
The thesis was named for an experimental USAF laser-linked satellite technology, which Laser Radio's founder, John Guthrie was allowed to see as part of his investigation into communications technologies of the 21st Century.
"Laseradio" (which nobody could pronounce) receives a federal trademark: As a media-production company.

1980: Laser Radio's producer is awarded the first, national, student Emmy (Eric Sevareid Award) by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences: For "A Void Home", a half-hour documentary on Space Industry.

The program later aired (1986) on The Discovery Channel. And it was included on a six-project demonstration reel (of the best programming TDC had to offer) for introducing TDC to the Japanese cable TV market.

1981-1983: Interactive Videodisk logic/flow chart design, scripting and consulting services:
Including story development, 1982-83, for RDI Video Systems-- which created the first, all-videodisk interactive arcade game, "Dragon's Lair"; animated by Don Bluth.
Scripting for a voice-response-driven, home entertainment system which RDI called Halcyon.

Other interactive projects: Flowchart and graphic design of SONY, North America's first, installed, interactive videodisk (SONY/ American Film Institute; for installation at L.A. County Air and Space Museum, Summer Olympics, 1984;Producer: Dr Tom Dargen, PhD).

Other interactive consulting with producers at MGM, Capitol Records, Hughes Aircraft and Systems, TRW, Singer-Librascope and others in the Los Angeles area.

1982: A founding participant in the Los Angeles "Visual Music Alliance"-- from which the music industry drew the first, major, music-video production talent.

1983: Produced "Johnny Walker's NOT Red" for the German music sensation, Nina Hagen. The video was seen throughout Europe in rock clubs.

1982-1983: Video editing of military (classified "access-restricted") training materials for Singer-Librascope.

1980-1983: Wrote and Produced EARTHWALK; which Orson Welles narrated for free (he told his chief audio engineer that the script was the best he had ever read!) This multimedia triumpth was sponsored by Kodak on college campuses throughout North America.
And it generated bigger audiences in those venues-- than any other multi-media show that Kodak had ever been involved with!

1984-1986: Interactive Network Design (satellite-delivery and computer graphics) for Westinghouse Satellite, Stamford, CT.

1987: Wrote and field-directed Paris Air Show coverage for McGraw-Hill/ Aviation Week Magazine Video.

1992: Laser Radio produced Russian-language documentary series, "Business Street" for distribution in Russia/ CIS. The programming dealt with the basics of business theory and practice. Distribution seized by Russian mafia.

1995: Demonstration of (hybrid internet/ MPEG-1 satellite) PRIVACY NETWORK; utilizing personal-access card for security/ privacy (August, Galaxy 4).

The last two projects were produced in Laramie, Wyoming!

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