Laser Radio's EXTREME Collector Phonecards!

Laser Radio's collector phonecards sell for as little as 40-cents...
and for as much as $200 each!

Here's a typical example of an EXTREMELY Collectable Phonecard...
priced at $200... and worth every cent!
The Laser Radio GO!PHONE STEALTHcard!
It is made of the carbon-composite wing-structure
of the B-2 Strategic nuclear bomber!
Only 50 proofs of this STEALTHcard were made!
(the carbon material was bought from Boeing's Military Aircraft Division
which was selling B-2 wing-structure surplus material... after the U.S. Senate curtailed B-2 production at 20 aircraft).
These cards cost $40 each to make!
Production entailed curing sheets of composite at 500 -degrees,
cutting card-sized "blanks", polishing those, then putting the Northrop Aircraft Co. image of the B-2 on the card...
using a hydraulic press at 3,000 pounds pressure at 400 degrees temperature!
Only 50 proof cards were made! And there's now only 10 left.
And they sell for $200 each. Period!

And if you don't think THIS phonecard will be a "20th Century Collectable"...
you're just not thinking (or maybe you spent all your money on "valuable" NFL phonecards... or a $300, STS, multi-level fantasy!

Here's ANOTHER Laser Radio "Phonecard First"!
(now SOLD OUT)

Our exclusive, Marilyn Monroe phonecards were

For a full year (1994- 1995) Laser Radio let fans of Marilyn-- worldwide-- vote on the assortment of images to be used in the card sets!
This had never been done by ANYONE in the world before!
Yes, we're proud of the things we've done: Both with Marilyn's fans... and FOR them (like donating money to 2,000 U.S. local United Way campaigns in Marilyn's memory)!

Now before we tell you the prices,'s some pretty pictures!

From left: GO!PHONE #1, One-Eyed-Jackie. Fishing Fly (of 5), PRIVACY Network.

As seen on TV (Tom Snyder Show, CNBC),
And featured in Newsweek Magazine

Since 1977... a company ahead of IT's time!
Without question-- one of THE premier American phonecard companies!
Represented around the world by 90 dealers in 23 countries.

The remaining, 4-card INDIAN CHIEF set, (edition 1,000)
And the (1st place, SPORTS) award-winning, 5-card Fishing Fly set (edition, 1,000)

The first "ARTcard" in the U.S. featuring the licensed image of Salvador Dali! (edition 500)

"One-Eyed-Jackie" (ed 500)

The "Voice Command" System-Demo Card. (ed 500)

This is the University of Wyoming, Women's Soccer Team fundraiser card (ed 200)!

Here, among the "better" (meaning they're somehow unique or smaller-edition) individual cards, like the famous "Mother of All Phonecards"; honoring Laurette Veres of American TeleCard Expo. (edition 100)

Another bargain card:
The landmark PRIVACY NETWORK "Ulti-Multi-Media Card" (registered US trademark)

Laser demonstrated this SATELLITE, media-delivery card
(using MPEG-1 video programming delivery; via Galaxy 4) on August 16, 1995.
You can see a VIDEOTAPE of that satellite demonstration!

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E-mail Laser Radio!
Or call us in Laramie, Wyoming at:
(307) 742- 7117 (U.S. and International) or
Please write Laser Radio at P.O. Box 1242, Laramie, WY 82073 ==============================
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